Osmo Carpet cleaners / Scrubpads

Osmo Carpet cleaners / Boenpads,Polishers, floor polishers We provide some top brands for both consumer and professional use, high-power machines and machines that are easy to handle for small to medium sized rooms.The absolute best sellers ar... Read more.

Osmo Scrub pads White pad (very fine) for shiny buffing and polishing of floors wasvloeren oil. Beige pad (fine) for sat...

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Osmo Rectangular pads 12x25cm (6 Colors) ACTION for special pod holder. Available in different colors and hardnesses, th...


Woca Padholder with handle [Woca] ACTION Special holder for manual massage of floor oil, oil and maintenance intensive c...


Woca Padholder with pole connection ACTION This holder can be attached to a telescopic handle (not included) for distrib...


Boen Pads 6 inch for 3 or 5-sided bucket machine (Set of 3 pieces) Beige pads for side-laundering washbasins with a 3-di...


Woca Pad holder with 1 Pad (choose your color) ACTION Special set for manual massage of floor oil, oil and maintenance i...


Osmo FloorXcenter Polishing Machine The user-friendly single-disc machine for a professional result. Suitable for cleani...


Floorservice Floorboy XL300 Floor polisher The Floorboy XL300 is suitable for professional and domestic use for cleaning...


Floorboy Boenmachine XL450 305 mm The Floorboy XL 450 is an eccentric rotating single disc machine, which is especially ...


Scrub brush for Floorboy XL300 and 450


Scrubbing brush for Floorboy XL300 and 450


Osmo Joint Kit (colorless no 7350), Osmo Joint Kit is a clear polymer dispersion for filling cracks and joints in sanded...

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Osmo FloorXcenter Brush disc Special brush disc for deep cleaning.


Cleanfix Floormac Floormac PE 300 Basic NOW SUPER ACTION!!, The Cleanfix PE300 Floormac buffing machine is a 1-disc 330m...


Woodboy 4000-32-3 Boenmachine, The new Woodboy 4000 / 32-3 is a rotating single disc machine that can be used on various...


Woodboy Drive disc 5E Satellite drive


Woodboy Drive disc with pennenrug


Woodboy Drive disc Cell rubber + Velcro


Woodboy Scrub Brush Disc White / Green


Woodboy Drive disc 3 bowl Diamond Use this cup wheel on concrete surfaces for: • roughening • removing glue • removing c...


Woodboy Machine Weighting 12,5kilo


Cleanfix Quattrodisc 16inch


Cleanfix Boenmachine Powerdisc HD (Heavy Duty) For the highest requirements, you must use the PowerDisc HD (Heavy Duty)....


Cleanfix Boom Machine R44-190 / 380 Duo Speed ​​Duo Speed ​​ejection machine for scrubbing and laying down. Due to the b...


Osmo Carpet cleaners / Scrubpads /  Sanding material etc,
Polishers, floor polishers We provide some top brands for both consumer and professional use, high-power machines and machines that are easy to handle for small to medium sized rooms.
The absolute best sellers are surely the Cleanfix PE300 and Floorbox XL300,
These are both very good marketable machines that you can use for all maintenance work in and around the house of wood, but also tile floors, also we need the special grinding Etten of 13inch ie 33cm in 120 grain but other grains (then they are slightly larger but the abrasive grids can be easily cut to size) that can then even slight recovery work and sanding can do so if your floor is actually a scour far, you can use it just that redecorating give him what makes him yet again it may be a while .
If you then grabs the maintenance there, you can basically even with the floor for many years ahead. The topper is the Raptor machine.
The sizes of the machines are always 13 or 16 inches, thus makes up 33 or 40 cm, but the pad or sanding net size, in this case actually is not much, but as long as the machine is "on" the floor, so the edges are always higher than the floor itself can, in principle, each pad or sanding net / sanding disc under it. If this is not the case or you doubt? please contact us for the determination of the right material. Never take at least pads of the construction or rental! the quality is very poor and therefore you will certainly damage to the floor.


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