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Osmo Finishing Products

Osmo hard wax oil,

Osmo Hardwax is a product that is easy to handle and allows quickly gives a stain and water resistant surface. These features provide a practical solution and stain resistant. Once hardened, Osmo Hardwax an extremely strong and durable protection either slightly shiny beautiful MAT 3032 or 3062. Hard wax is suitable for all wooden surfaces indoors, even in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas'' wet'' loves hard wax is excellent. In addition, patients treated with hard wax floors very friendly maintenance and they are becoming more beautiful and better protected by the ever feeding operations you perform with the maintenance plan, so instead of breaking down, it moves to build and after a few years you will have lying around. Super floor
Want to treat wet areas? Please first contact us for the correct structure so you do not encounter any problems. Ps, Osmo Hardwax is the absolute leader in the field of Hardwax for furniture and parquet.

Osmo Finishing Products
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